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Try our full-service breakroom solution. We delivery the best brands of coffee, tea, and other beverages along with breakroom supplies.

Your total breakroom solution

Find products to stock your breakroom with regular deliveries of coffee, tea, and supplies.

Batch Brewed products are part of a total break room service

Batch Brewed

Perfect for brewing large, fresh pots of coffee for food service or large office spaces.

Green Mountain single serve K-Cups from Standard Coffee Service

Single Serve K-Cups

Brew one cup at a time for the fastest, freshest cup of coffee possible.

Single Serve Flavia Freshpacks to stock your break room

Single Serve Flavia Freshpacks

Serve up everyday favorites and indulgent lattes. Fast and fresh.

Single Serve Soft Pods

Single Serve Soft Pods

Soft-sided filter pods filled with enough coffee grounds for one perfect cup.

Get whole beans delivered to your office or small business

Whole Beans

Grind your own beans for optimal flavor or freshness with whole bean coffee.

Single Serve teas and beverage K-Cups

Single Serve

Try our variety of tea brands and blends in quick-brew K-cups or freshpacks

Bigelow tea bags and Steep tea bags

Single Serve Tea Bags

Enjoy a classic brew in a variety of blends and flavors. Featuring Bigelow teas and organic options by Steep.

Fresh Brewed tea delivered to your office

Fresh Brewed Tea

Ready-to-drink fresh brewed tea, available for food service and commercial locations.

Crystal light is a cold water enhancer from standard coffee service

Cold Water Enhancers

Add some flavor to your water with quick-dissolving Crystal Light® on-the-go sticks.

Single Serve K-Cups

Single Serve K-Cups

Enjoy a hot chocolate or other specialty beverage, one K-cup at a time.

Single Serve Flavia freshpacks from Dove Hot chocolate

Single Serve Flavia Freshpacks

Fast and fresh, craft your hot beverage of choice in one minute or less.

Nestle hot chocolate and swiss miss hot chocolate products

Favorite Brands

Serve well-known favorites like hot chocolate and other beverages from Swiss Miss® and Nestlé®.

Batch brewed equipment Coffee Service

Batch Brewed

Serve up pots of freshly brewed coffee with Newco® and Bunn® brewers. They are available in a variety of sizes and types, such as thermal airpot brewers and servers, traditional glass pot brewers and servers, and large-batch brewers.

Single serve coffee brewers for your break room

Single Serve

Easy-to-use single-cup brewers offer a wide variety of coffees, teas, and specialty drinks ready in less than a minute! We offer reliable options from top name brands including Keurig®, FLAVIA®, and Lavazza®.

Bean to cup brewers from standard coffee service

Espresso Based
Beverage Equipment

To satisfy employees’ and guests’ evolving tastes, the Krea brewer dispenses single-cup, gourmet espresso beverages and hot chocolate at the touch of a button.

Sweeteners and sugar alternatives from Standard Coffee Service


Sweeteners are an essential part of any well-stocked breakroom or beverage station. A variety of sugars and sugar-free sweeteners are available.

Coffeemate creamers are available for delivery


Cream is a necessary ingredient for any coffee or tea lover. We serve non-dairy and single serve creamers in a variety of flavors and types.

Cups stirrers and straws for your coffee service

Cups, Stir Sticks, & Sleeves

Offer a variety of cup sizes, stirrers, and hand-protecting sleeves as part of your breakroom or beverage station.

Additional breakroom water supplies

Bottled Water Delivery

Add bottled water delivery to your service. »

Water Filtration

Learn how you can improve the taste, purity, and safety of your water. »

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